In the US they don’t do things by halves and in the latest promo for Red Nose Day, they brought in the big guns.

Hollywood favourites including TV host Ellen DeGeneres, actress Emma Watson, Zac Efron, comedic actor Will Ferrell and a “bunch” of other stars have delivered a “heartfelt” plea urging people to donate money to help kids in poverty around the world.

The video clip, also featuring Australian Rose Byrne, Bill Gates and Canadian singer Celine Dion, is a montage of stars delivering one sentence or less lines about the making of the very formulaic celebrity videos.

“Were any of us ever in the same room together? No we were not. But is it pretty impressive there are so many of us? Yeah it is,” DeGeneres, Irish actor Liam Neeson, The Boss’ Kristen Bell and pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick say.

“It can be hard to understand why some of us get a tonne of screen time and others barely get,” Kendrick adds before actor Vince Vaughn finishes the sentence with the word “any”.

And  of course no charity video would be complete without a cameo from U2’s Bono! Hilarious!!


Source: AAP

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