Various talk shows in America have now decided to cancel their live in-studio audiences in a step to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In-studio audiences are common practices in the States and some of the biggest names on TV have decided to take this step. 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The View, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers have all come out and confirmed that they have put a halt on their live audiences. 

“To everyone who looked forward to coming. I’m so sorry. But I’m doing this for the health of my fans, my staff and my crew”, Ellen tweets.

It seems that the states have upgraded precautions on the coronavirus and are taking it more seriously than previously.


Late Night with Seth Meyers also released a message to their viewers on instagram.

With the closures of schools, music festivals, concerts and any large scale gatherings.

We wonder what will be affected next.

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