Aquarius Films has signed up to produce a television adaptation of Clementine Ford’s ‘Fight Like A Girl’ feminist literature!

‘Fight Like A Girl’ earned Clementine Ford the Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year awarded by the Australian Book Industry Awards.

The Indie Production company is planning a six-part adaptation with Ford at the writing helm, but it won’t be exactly like the book.

Ford shared a post on her Instagram over the weekend explaining, “The plan is to create a six part TV dramedy series set in the 90s, exploring the world of a teenage girl and her awakening to feminism and patriarchy. It’s inspired by the content of my book, but the characters will be new.”

“As I say in the release: “As an insecure teen growing up in the 1990s, television was such an escape for me. To be able to develop a narrative fiction version of this time for today’s viewers is an absolute dream come true. ‘Fight Like A Girl’ resonated with so many readers because, despite our differences, there are parts of being a girl in the world that are universal. We want to offer the same experience now to a broader audience, reminding everyone how far we’ve come – and how far we still have to go.”

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