In a new plan from the City of Sydney, shops and businesses in the centre of the city will be allowed to trade 24 hours a day, encouraging revitalisation of the city nightlife.

The intended area for the proposal – from Darling Harbour to Hyde Park and Central Station – can already trade until 5am, but the new plan will extend that.

This new proposal is in response to feedback from more than 10,000 Sydneysiders who called for for a “diverse and exciting night-time economy”, according to Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

“What they do not want is a city that is unsafe or that shuts down as soon as the sun goes down,” she said.

Even though the proposal does overlap with areas affected by the controversial state government lockout laws, they won’t directly clash, as the council’s proposal primarily affect unlicensed businesses like shops and banks, whilst the lockout laws affect pubs and clubs.

Smaller bars and ‘low impact’ businesses on the fringes of the marked area will also be allowed to trade until 2am instead of the current limit of midnight.

The new rules will be put before the council on the 13th of May. If given the green light, they will be put in to effect in June. Eligible businesses will need to apply for the extended trading hours, in an effort to mitigate the impact on neighbours.


The proposal comes after a study by Deloitte claimed that the city is losing a potential $16 Billion per year due to the underdeveloped nighttime economy.

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