In a new ad for the Infiniti QX60 is in full flashback mode, paying tribute to the classic 1983 film, National Lampoon’s Vacation in both sound and vision. The commercial uses Lindsey Buckingham‘s ”Holiday Road.”

Of all the scenes in the film, one that has stuck in the mass psyche is where Chevy Chase, as Clark Griswold, and family are heading down the highway as he spots a beautiful blonde (Christie Brinkley) in a red Ferrari convertible The two flirt with each other while driving, and then hi-jinks ensue.

In this new ad, that scene is re-enacted, this time with Ethan Embry, who played Clark’s son, Rusty in the third installment of the Vacation franchise, 1997s Vegas Vacation, as the husband and father. Here he laughs with and smiles with the blonde in the red convertible, when suddenly he is interrupted by his wife, now played by Brinkley. She calls him on it, saying, “Honey, a blonde in a convertible? Seriously”

Meanwhile, we hear the familiar ring of “Holiday Road,” a song written and performed by Fleetwood Mac‘s Buckingham in the original film. The song made a small dent back in 1983, hitting No. 82 on the Billboard Hot 100, but has become an iconic traveling song in the years since. Though it was used again in the Vacation sequels, including the 2015 update of the film, the one used in this ad is not Buckingham but it’s a fairly faithful take on the pop classic 

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