‘The Art of McCartney’ is a Paul McCartney tribute album to be released this month.

The album features McCartney, Wings and Beatles classics covered by the world’s biggest artists including Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Cat Stevens, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Dr John and Heart.

Chrissie Hynde chose ‘Let It Be’.

‘Let It Be’ was the title track from the final Beatles album, but not the last album the band recorded.

The ‘Let It Be’ soundtrack was recorded and filmed in February 1968, January and February 1969 and January, March and April 1970. The Beatles song was recorded in three sessions. Firstly January 31, 1969 at Apple Studio then 30 April 1969 and 4 January 1970 at EMI studios.

The earliest recording of the song, made on January 25, 1969, appeared in Anthology 3, released in 1996.

A different version again was used on the ‘Let It Be … Naked’ album, released in 2003.


The film, which captured the implosion of The Beatles, has never been released on video or DVD although the original film version did screen in cinemas in the early 1970s.

‘The Art of McCartney’ will be released on November 17.