Friday 13th is typically seen as an unlucky day in Western culture, but this time around it’s proving to be one of our luckiest days yet because it just so happens that today is not only Friday 13th but it’s also World Fries Day!

And what better way to celebrate the day dedicated to our favourite type of potato snack than with the delicious crunch of golden fries at one of our favourite fast food joints.

Yep we’re talking about Chargrill Charlie’s. Not only are their fries, thin, crispy and coated in a crazy addictive seasoning, but today only in celebration of World Fries Day, they’re FREE!!

That’s right, all 10 of the Charlie’s stores across Sydney will be taking part in the celebration of the humble hot chip today and will be giving out a FREE serving of small fries to anyone who walks through their door.

It’s all going down between the hours of 12pm and 4pm today and there’s literally no strings attached! You don’t have to do a song or dance or purchase a certain amount of food first (although TBH who wouldn’t want to pair some free chippies with burger or chicken schnitty…) to get your free fries.


With ten fabulous locations you’ll have plenty of chances to get your chip fix! You’ll find a Chargrill Charlie’s store at Mosman, Neutral Bay, Willoughby, Wahroonga, Lane Cove, Woollahra, St. Ives, Mona Vale, Rose Bay and Annandale.

So forget all other plans you had today! Leave the grocery shopping till the weekend, tell your boss you need to take a long lunch, hey even ditch your hot lunch date if you have to (fries before guys remember) and head on down to your nearest Chargrill Charlie’s to celebrate World Fries Day the right way.

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