We think there might have been an awkward conversation back at Channel Nine’s studios last night.

During Melbourne’s 4pm 9 News bulletin, reporter Lana Murphy was out on the streets, recording a piece in some windy conditions.

Murphy stopped during the pre-record when she stumbled over a sentence, before exclaiming: “F### my life!”

The feed almost immediately cut back to presenter Alicia Loxley who quickly moved on to the next story despite some initial shock.

Loxley later apologised for the stuff-up during the bulletin, saying that the report had “inadvertently” featured the colourful language.


“Clearly this should have not gone to air, and we are sorry for the mistake,” she continued.

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Lana also apologised for the gaffe, taking to Twitter to explain the situation.

“Unfortunately the wrong version (clearly) of a pre-record made it to air but thankfully I have a great boss and I’ll be back on your screens tomorrow,” Murphy wrote in a Tweet.

Nothing to apologise, Lana. We feel you.

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