John Legend has weighed in on the Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death while appearing on Jonesy & Amanda.

The ‘All Of Me’ and ‘Love Me Now’ singer has a brand new album entitled ‘Bigger Love’ which couldn’t have been released at a more perfect time.

“We didn’t know the condition the world would be in when we released it, but obviously the world has been through a lot lately, particularly the last few months, and I feel like folks need this kind of song,” he told Jonesy & Amanda.

“We’ve had a longstanding issue in this country with racism and the way black people have been treated, particularly our relationship with the police and the criminal justice system, and of course, we saw that laid bare in a very painful to watch video. That was really traumatic for a lot of folks!

“Too often are we reminded that our lives aren’t valued in this country, and so it’s been tough for all of us.

“The only silver lining I see in all of it is that we see so many people marching the streets, and all genders, age groups and religions coming together saying this nation needs more equality and justice.

“Hopefully based on that energy and momentum, we’ll see change!”


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