Cathy has been quite open about her cosmetic journey and she’s recently been sharing pictures on her instagram account showing the transformations she has gone through.

She looks COMPLETELY different, we wouldn’t recognise her walking down the street.


She’s admitted to getting botox, lip fillers and breast augmentation.

Poor Cathy has been through a few terrible relationships that have created the low self-esteem and how self conscious she is of her body, she’s talked about this in the hit reality show.

Cathy shared a long-ass post on her instagram talking about her life and what made her kick-start her fitness journey.


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‼️WARNING LONG ASS POST AHEAD ‼️Where have you come from? What can you look back on and say you have grown and changed and say there is a transformation. Some of you who know and some of you who don't know the background I had come from. The people in my life now only know the me that is not was. Most of my friends now never really experienced crazy Cath in her younger wilder days where it was popping 💊 and 🚬 and 🍹🍸🍹🍸🍹🍸🍹🍸🍪🍩🍿🍫🍰🎂🌮🍔🍟🌭🍗 I started drinking and partying when I was 15 16. It got real heavy when I was 17 and then by 18 and at uni it was Wednesday through to Saturday night drinking. I would say I was smashing back over 10,000 calories a day cuz I was eating a lot of junk cuz hangover feed duh. I did this party cycle until 19 20 and started to relax a bit more and only going out every Saturday by age 20. I was gross, me and my bestie had k fry Friday's where we would be soooo hungover from Thursday night jäger bombs and would have our last drink at 4am and be going to uni lectures at 8.30, arriving stinking of drink and maccas then at lunch go celebrate k fry Friday's and and get our KFC then after uni we would go get our drinks and then start again. It wasn't until one of my boys younger brother stated I had gotten so fat and I was mortified cuz it was true. Fast forward 2012 onto 2016 and I'm easily the happiest person I have been in years because I choose to stay away from the kfry 🙈😂 and I choose not to drink cuz I don't like a banging hangover the next day. I choose not to pop pills anymore cuz it's a waste of money. I just like being productive with my weekends cuz I work so much, I'd rather fit in workouts, friend catch ups, errands and shopping 😅 You could say I'm boring but I like to say I'm truly living now 🙌✊ #iamdefinetlyanadult #lol #transformation #workhard #newperson

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“I started drinking and partying when I was 15, 16. It got really heavy when I was 17 and then by 18 and at uni…” she explained. 

The drinking caused her weight gain and it was actually a rude comment from a friend’s brother that made her re-evaluate.

“(He said) I had gotten so fat and I was mortified cuz it was true”.


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