Typically when reality dating shows begin casting they ask for singles looking for love to take a chance and sign up.

But a new, or rather a revamped, reality dating show heading to Channel 7 is changing things up, asking for both singles and those already in a relationship to sign on.

It’s called Temptation Island and was first aired by the Seven Network for one season only in 2002.

Basically it sees several couples head to a tropical location to live with a bunch of sexy singles who are set to test the strength of each relationship.

Basically, it sounds like MAFS or Love Island on STEROIDS! So if reality dating shows are your guilty-pleasure like us, then we can already say that this is going to be some juicy entertainment.

All they need now is their cast members, and if you want that to be you, here’s what the show will entail.


If you’re in a relationship, the ad states that “you and your partner will experience an all expenses paid luxurious tropical holiday as you participate in a social experiment to see if you are truly meant to be together”.

They really hook you with the “all expenses paid” holiday part – but remember, if you’re the jealous type, this is going to be one seriously tough experiment.

As for the singles, they’re looking for people who are “attractive, outgoing and looking for love”.

To be able to apply you must be over 18 and you must be available for filming at a remote location for up to three weeks between September and October this year.

Sounds like something you’d be up for? You can sign up here!

As for us, we’ll be waiting patiently with out popcorn for the show to air…

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