Netflix’s Tiger King was a rollercoaster of a show in itself but all the news that’s been coming out post show has been just as good.

A US County sheriff has announced that Carole Baskin’s missing husband’s will was forged.

In a recent interview with 10 Tampa Bay, Chad Chronister the current County sheriff for Hillsborough said that experts have investigated the will of Don Lewis (Baskin’s ex-husband) and all the evidence has led to the conclusion that it is fraudulent. 

“They had two experts deem it 100 percent a forgery. But, we knew that…we knew that before,” Chronister told 10 Tampa Bay.

Apparently it was common knowledge that the will had been forged in their circles but they were waiting for concrete evidence and it made no difference because they can’t take any legal action against Baskin now as the “the statute of limitations had already expired…

A woman had come forward and confessed to fake-witnessing the signatures on the will. 

“It certainly casts another shadow of suspicion” he continues to say.


When asked if Baskin will be investigated for the disappearance of Lewis, Chronister replied “investigators have some great leads…they’re working through them!”

You can watch the interview here!

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