Sydney ghost hunters claim they have recorded an unexplained voice during a recent tour of the now closed Parramatta Gaol.

They believe that a recording device captured a ghost  say the word “scared” to one of the visitors on a tour.

The Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators (APPI) team believe the comment was directed at Sue Hutchings.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Ms Hitchings revealed the group were eading up a level of 6
wing of the historic building when it happened.

“When entering the wing, myself and another group member didn’t feel quite right,” 

“It was hard to explain but I felt uncomfortable.”

“I stayed near the stairwell and, honestly, I didn’t want to move,” she said.


Ms Hutchings says she choked up and wanted to go downstairs.

This is when APPI’s lead investigator Peet Banks recording device picked up a voice that appears to say the word “scared” 

“I didn’t hear the voice with my own ears,” she said.

Ms Hutchings said she then felt dizzy and anxious

“I’ve had a few experiences throughout my life that I cannot explain. That is why I am an
investigator. I want to seek out those spirits and get proof,” she said.


“I’m glad the voice captured on the recorder validated how I was feeling at the time. It’s great
when this kind of evidence happens when you are investigating.”

Other visitors on the night claim they heard unexplained whistling and voices and, a few guests were “touched”.

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