50 Cent recently announced that production for his upcoming horror film Skill House has already begun in Los Angeles.

While shooting the film, a member of the film crew apparently thought one scene was too much for him to handle.

On Tuesday, July 20, the Power creator took to Instagram to talk about an incident that happened on set of his new horror movie. In the post, 50 included a headline that said one of the film’s camera operators fainted while shooting a murder scene.

Earlier, TMZ posted the footage from the incident, which shows the cameraman falling to the ground mid-shot.

“Crazy night one of our camera men passed out cold for 30min from the scene,” 50 explained.

“Couldn’t take how real it was. We’re elevating horror to the next level. This is gonna change the rules of the game. #skillhouse”

Skill House is set to show the world of social media and the digital lives of various influencers through a chilling lens. In the horror film, viewers will be able to follow the lives of those who are new to social media and see exactly how far they’re willing to go in order to achieve viral fame.