While you probably recognise him from blockbuster hits ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘The Piano’, actor Sam Neill is also known online for posting photos and videos of his eccentric farm animals who are all appropriately named after his co-stars.

From Meryl Streep (a chicken) to Imogen Poots (a pig), Sam Neill’s animals are now stars in their own right.

Seeing that his co-stars are fortunate enough to get animals named after them, which one hit the jackpot with the name ‘Bryan Brown’? Well, it was none other than a good ol’ rooster.

“He’s [the rooster] a complete prick,” Neill told Jonesy & Amanda this morning while promoting his upcoming film ‘Palm Beach’ alongside Bryan Brown.

“A cock!”


Actor Bryan Brown responded, “I liked how he described it on the TV as vain and puffed up.

“I see myself as a quiet and reflective type of bloke so I was surprised at how Sam saw me.”

But, Bryan Brown the rooster wasn’t the only ‘Bryan Brown’ in the village.

“There was a Bryan Brown ram who was on the job for a couple of years, and he had the same characteristics as him,” Neill added, motioning to his co-star. “He did enjoy a considerate amount of success – I’ve got about 50 ewes, thanks to Bryan”.


However, the most prolific character on the farm was Hugo Weaving, who also happened to be a chicken. But, unfortunately, things didn’t end well for this chook.

“Hugo Weaving died on the job. We had a memorial dinner for him in Sydney when I came back,” the legendary actor recalled. “Someone actually saw him fall off the back of a ewe.”

And before you ask, yes, the ‘real’ Hugo Weaving is aware of his chicken counterpart’s fate.

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