Brisbane single-mum and her 12-year-old daughter Summer were lucky to survive a shocking scooter accident in Canggu, on the south coast of Bali.

The licensed scooter driver, Danni Suriano, 32, and her daughter were riding on a relatively quiet Bali street when their scooter was struck by a van at an intersection and Suriano and her daughter were catapulted off the vehicle. CCTV footage here was captured by a nearby security camera. 

“As soon as the impact hit I just searched for Summer, my daughter, Summer.” Suriano said.

“I’ve hit the fence first, because we hit a wall, and then she’s gone into me and we both hit the ground. I grabbed her and dragged her to me.”

Bystanders rushed to help them, one of them including three-time Australian Olympic skier Steven Lee who did not hesitate to assist the crash victims and make sure they got to a hospital.

“These guys definitely needed help yesterday they were pretty-well beat up and incoherent and needed assistance,” Lee explained to 9News.

“That’s what you do when you travel – help other humans out when you can.”


Suriano has been left with a fractured spine, while Summer thankfully escaped without serious injury.

“I’m just so grateful because she’s my everything and being a single mum, she’s my baby,” she said. “I don’t have any words, I’m grateful – I really, really am.”

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