It seems after plenty of hounding and protest, Instagram will now allow women to post photos of breastfeeding and post-masectomy scars to their photo sharing site. 

While women’s nipples and breasts have largely been seen as taboo on the popular social media network, it seems humanity has prevailed in allowing women to show a completely natural part of childbearing. 

Previously a number of photos – including that of celebrity mothers – had been removed due to Instagram’s censorship policies, despite a number of other photos of women and men in provocative poses and various states of undress being allowed to stay as they were not bearing nipples. 

Women from around the world have been teaming up against such censorship on social media sites, starting the #freethenipple campaign, but until now it had largely fell on deaf ears. 

But we are welcoming these changes with open arms. 

While some women see breastfeeding as a very personal experience, others want to share the baby’s mealtimes to help normalize the practice as being acceptable in public. 

And this small step from Instagram will hopefully help in that mission. 


In celebration here are some of our favourite celeb mothers spending precious time with their bubs – at least the ones got through the censorship barrier before today!

@pink Willz and i out to dinner in Paris. Looks like willow is having the best meal!

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