Did anyone even know Borat 2 was in the works? Because apparently the movie has been entirely filmed!

Not only that, but it’s been edited up and apparently even screened to a few exclusive industry peeps, so we could be getting it sooner than you think.

Sacha Baron Cohen was spotted last month in full Borat gear walking the streets of Los Angeles so that definitely gives it away a tad….

The plot is still unknown however a source from Collider has revealed that because of his worldwide success, the Kazakh TV personality is recognisable everywhere and now must go undercover in order to interview people.

This is literally the movie no one asked for but everyone deserves.

We may not want to see a hairy man in a mankini but for Sacha Baron Cohen, we’ll do it. We’ll do it.

Check out the footage someone got of the man in action!


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