What Bono thought was a nice gesture on his and U2’s behalf turned into an uncomfortable situation last Thursday at Madison Square Garden.

He invited to the show the woman who called 911 following his bike accident in New York’s Central Park last November, as well as the firefighters who came to his aid. The first responders from Engine 44 gave Bono a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, invited the band for dinner at the firehouse and received an ovation, the woman was drowned out with boos. Instead of graciously acknowledging Bono’s gesture when he introduced her and gave her the microphone, she was condescending.

She said, “I have to clarify, it’s Alyssa and I’m from D.C., not Denver. Bono, here’s what happened: I was running in Central Park, there was an accident, obviously I had to stop and help because I’m not from New York, I’m from Virginia, where people are nice …”

With the booing intensifying she continued. “Sorry, New York. Anyhow, I called 911 because no one else was doing it. People, he would not be here tonight if it weren’t for me!”

With the boos drowning her out Bono took back the microphone and led the band into “Elevation.” Later in the show he referenced the slap in the face by telling a joke. “An Englishman flags down a taxi and says, ‘Excuse me, could you take me to the Empire State Building or should I just go and [screw] myself?”

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