We all know how important maintaining a bedtime routine is for our kids, but it appears a tv show is changing that. 

In heartbreaking news for parents across the country, ‘Bluey’ will no longer be airing at its normal 7:20pm night slot. 

Bluey follows the adventures of a Brisbane family of blue heeler dogs and airs in the mornings and at night. However, a scheduling change by ABC Kids is making things difficult for Aussie parents. 

On Monday night, the ABC Kids for Parents Facebook page announced the news, stating: “Schedule Update from July 1. We say goodbye to Bluey in the evenings but don’t worry, she’s still on at 8am in the mornings and you can watch your favourite episodes anytime on ABC KIDS iview.”

“Big mistake! We watch Bluey as a family at 7.20 before bed time. Our 3yo won’t go to bed without Bluey. Plus we love watching it too, it’s the best show on ABC Kids right now,” one parent commented.

Another added: “Bad move most working parents love bluey too as a Night routine and they may not get to see it in the morning…”


Bluey will be replaced by Hey Duggee at 7.20pm daily.

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