We have all become immune to the shocks and upheavals of Married At First Sight, but their latest stunt has gone way too far. 

For those unfamiliar with ‘toothbrush-gate’, let us explain. It all started when MAFS bride Hayley Vernon and groom Michael Goonan betrayed their own partners and “macked on”. In response, Hayley’s groom David Cannon allegedly used her toothbrush to clean a ‘dirty’ toilet.

Speaking with James Weir on his podcast ‘Not Here to Make Friends’, David spoke about how he found out that Hayley had cheated on him and how he went on to take out his revenge in the most horrific way possible.

“Now they haven’t shown this… I heard this absolute howling out the front, howling as in crying and it was Vanessa,” David told the podcast.

“Vanessa was just absolutely hysterical… Josh had been comforting Vanessa and that’s when we found out that Hayley and Michael had basically been having dry sex on Vanessa and Chris’ bed,” David alleged.

He also revealed stomach-churning details about what he did to Hayley’s toothbrush, including the fact that Hayley actually used the toothbrush for a number of days before she was told about the incident.


“Put it this way, I wasn’t a fan of the summernats that she would leave on the toilet bowl,” David said.

“I was getting my stuff out, so she had been removed to another room and one of the main contentious issues of our relationship was I just wanted her to clean up after herself and the bathroom was just armageddon every single time.

“And so that’s when I grabbed the toothbrush and I did something which I shouldn’t really, which is I scrubbed the toilet with her toothbrush,” David continued.

“She used it for five days. I let one of her friends go and she was told.”


As if we didn’t already feel like throwing up, it gets worse because David doesn’t appear to have any remorse for what he did.


He continued to tell the podcast that he wasn’t worried about causing Hayley health problems because it was her own faeces and so he believed she wouldn’t get sick.

“See that was the funniest thing, I looked it up and it turns out it’s not [dangerous]. It’s her own poo so it’s her own bacteria,” David said.


When discussing the situation this morning, Amanda Keller slammed David’s actions and the show’s response.

Can I ask a serious question? If the production knew that, why haven’t they shut that production down?”

“That is a health hazard!” she added, before Jonesy likened the act to domestic violence.


“That is domestic abuse right there and why is that being held up as entertainment? Why aren’t they [MAFS experts] saying, that’s enough you’re out?

“It’s bloody outrageous!”

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