By Ryan Atkins


Sonia Kruger is set to be the host of the new ‘Big Brother Revolution: 2020’.

Names like Gretel Killeen, Sophie Monk and even former winner Reggie Sorensen were all thrown around to score the top gig.

However, Kruger had been the face of the revamped Channel Nine seasons from 2012-2014 so hey, if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right?

The announcement has been uploaded on the official Big Brother twitter page emerging only three months after the experience host said a big see yaaa later to Channel 9 and jumped ship to Channel 7.


In a statement about her appointment, Kruger said to, “I knew 2020 was going to be a fantastic year but to be asked to host the big daddy of reality shows is icing on the cake”.

It’s been almost two decades since Big Brother first aired back in 2001 and over the course of its many seasons has produced some of the most controversial and cooked moments on live TV. Ever.

So much so, that at one-point ex-Prime Minister John Howard plunged his bushy eyebrows into a frown and even made the suggestion to “get this stupid program off the air”.

So, when Kruger says that “the new home is mind-blowing” and “as mischievous as ever” we can’t be blamed for getting HYPED.

We don’t have an official start date yet, but we know all the housemates have been selected so it must be getting close! We’ll keep you updated, in the meanwhile though I have eleven seasons to re-watch.

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