Think about it: The Marvel Cinematic Universe is quickly becoming the most profitable franchise in the world. Star Wars is enjoying a renaissance in theaters and we have not one, but TWO new Star Trek shows in development. There’s never been a better time to be a pop culture fan and with the golden age of Comic Book Heroes showing no signs of slowing down, you might be looking for a new podcast to subscribe to.

If you’re a self-professed nerd and have a deep abiding love for all things comics, then you might be interested in checking out some of the many podcasts available to you on the iHeartRadio app!

Nerd o’ Rama News

Hosts Mo’Kelly and Tawala Sharp bring listeners a daily dose of Nerdtastic news, analysis and conversation. Some highlights include their weekly ‘Buy Pile’ to let you know exactly which comics out there are worth your hard-earned money and Tech Thursday, which is a great segment reviewing all the latest and greatest gadgets nerds love!

Episodes posted every weekday.

Nerdin’ Out

Hosted by Renée Ravey from The Woody Show, Nerdin’ Out is a podcast for the truly nerdy at heart. It’s not all comic books and pop culture though, Ravey and the crew also include talk about sports, current events in a podcast that is a rich tapestry for those who are looking for a fun crew discussing comic books.

I Read Comic Books

If you’re looking for a podcast that’s focused mainly on comic books and the comic book industry, look no further than “I Read Comic Books” hosted by Mike Rapin and the rest of the IRCB gang. The weekly podcast delves into the comics you’re reading and all the new titles you SHOULD be reading.

Episodes are posted on a semi-weekly basis.

Number One Comic Books

It’s “another comic book podcast” but one that promises to be different. The Number One Comic Books Podcast only talks about the best-sellers and series that everyone is talking about.

Episodes are posted once every two weeks.

ComicsVerse Comics

Sure, there are plenty of Comic Book podcasts that talk about superheroes, their powers, and what makes them special, but ComicsVerse aspires to be more than that. The ComicsVerse Comics hosts use a critical eye to examine what the stories within comic books special. The in-depth, analytical, and almost academic, approach to comic book characters and storylines is a great way to get a deeper understand about WHY Batman is a vigilante and why Superman never turned evil.


Episodes are released on a monthly basis.

Comic Kings

Charlamagne Tha God & Gabriel Pabon weigh in on everything going on in the superhero world of entertainment whether it be on the big screen or in the books.

Episodes posted every week!

ComicBook Nation

The ComicBook Nation podcast bills themselves as the top destination for entertaining entertainment news delivered by experts, fans, and insiders — AKA the staff.

The podcast covers a wide array of trending topics, including all the latest happenings with DC, Marvel, The Walking Dead, and anime.

Episodes are posted three times a week.

Nerding Daily

Nerding Daily is just a couple of nerds, nerding out on pop culture. Hosts James, Robert and Josh come together to talk about all the TV and movies you’re obsessively watching (mostly because they’re binge-watching along with you).

Episodes aired weekly.

Black Girl Nerds

Black Girl Nerds is an online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among Black women & people of color. The podcast hosts say their showis for ALL women who are just as nerdy as they are and the men who love them.

Next Level Nerd Movie

The Next Level Nerd’s Movie Podcast is all about those movies that were underappreciated in their time. The hosts share a love for all genres of film (not just comic book movies) and look to share their love of film with you.

Article: R.J. Johnson

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