Disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson’s mother has finally spoken out, trashing her daughter’s claims that she had a “troubled childhood”.

Gibson was caught in controversy after it was discovered that she lied about having cancer, meaning that her The Whole Pantry wellness empire was built on a false story of survival.

The 23-year-old had claimed that she beat cancer with healthy eating and holistic treatments, and had over 200,000 followers on Instagram. 

Her mother, Natalie, has now broken her silence, calling the controversy “profoundly disturbing” and calling on her daughter to apologise.

Gibson, claimed that she grew up not knowing her father and had to look after her mother, who had multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue, and her autistic brother.

Natalie told the Australian Women’s Weekly that Gibson’s back story is “a lot of rubbish”, saying that she does not have an autistic brother and has “barely done a minute’s housework in her life”.


“I’ve practically worked myself into an early grave to give that girl everything she wanted in life,” Natalie said.

“I just couldn’t sit by and let her say these things about her family.”

Gibson has refused to apologise for her lies, and has also not explained why she invented the cancer story, though she admits that it is not true.

Her award-winning mobile app was dropped by Apple and Penguin pulled her cookbook from the shelves following the revelations.