Can you imagine tearing your hamstring after attempting to do the splits LIVE on air? Barry Du Bois doesn’t have to imagine because it literally happened.

In celebration of The Living Room airing its 300th episode, Jonesy & Amanda invited Barry Du Bois in for a chat about their most memorable experiences of working on the Channel 10 program.

Back in 2014, the legendary presenter was attempting to put on his pants without using his hands – inspired by a viral Internet craze – during an episode of The Living Room. He then attempted to do the splits, and despite successfully mastering it the first time, he wasn’t as lucky the second time round.

Du Bois’ innocent stunt left him injured, administered by a vet (thanks Chris Brown!), and requiring emergency surgery.

While it may have looked like a minor tear, it turned out to be much worse than expected.


“The doctor told me it was the worse tear he had ever seen — two actually — one four centimetres off the bone and the other eight centimetres, and it took off some bone as well,” Du Bois told News Corp.

Emergency surgery saw him getting his hamstring reattached to his pelvis.

Not only was he in hospital for four days but he had to undergo 12 weeks of intensive physiotherapy.

While it was an ordeal at the time, at least we can look back and laugh, and reminisce on the funny moments from the show.

The Living Room’s 300th episode airs tonight on Channel 10 from 7:30pm.

Hear more about Barry Du Bois’ ‘hammy’ experience in the video above!

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