Like many of us, UK street artist Banksy has been confined to his home of recent times as the UK faces coronavirus lockdown measures.

And you might think that being stuck at home means he hasn’t been able to work (and you know, by work we mean spraying street art around the place).

He has, however, shared his latest work on Instagram, which features several of his trademark rats scattered throughout…his bathroom.

“My wife hates it when I work from home,” the artist wrote in the caption.

The series of five photos show the rats causing havoc around the artist’s bathroom, spraying toothpaste, and using the toilet.


Banksy had previously used the rats as a vehicle for social commentary, with some interpreting the rats as symbolic of graffiti (in that no matter how much you try and get rid of them, they will always reappear).

We think this might just be a commentary on the famous artist being bored around the house, though.

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