Despite the fact that Cass Wood is part of this season of Bachelor In Paradise, we’re all surprised to see that she’s not the one acting like the stage-5 clinger this time around!

Judging by what we’ve seen so far this season on BIP, that role goes to Rachael Gouvignon who has gone a bit cray cray after her ex-bachelor Richie Strahan joined the island.

And it seems producers are taking full advantage of it with one moment of insane editing in last night’s rose ceremony!

It was the moment that was hard to miss during Wednesday night’s episode. Rach was seen eagerly awaiting a rose from Richie when suddenly he rejected her and chose Cass instead.

And just moments after the words “Cass” left Richie’s lips, Rach was shown literally toppling over, seeming as though she was reacting to missing out on her crush’s rose.

But is that what really happened? Rachael doesn’t seem to think so and has a different explanation for the moment.


The reality star took to her Instagram account to slam Bachelor In Paradise producers for editing the scene to look as though her fall came as a reaction to Richie’s decision.

She instead explained her version of events, saying that the tumble was a completely separate occurrence.

“Just to clarify I fell off the stairs! Not a reaction to Richie’s pick,” she wrote on her story, according to The Daily Mail. Although it appears this has since been deleted.

In a separate post to her story, the 32-year-old also wrote, “I loved the edited version of it. Said no one EVER!”

Rach later seemed to poke fun of the moment in a third post to her social media account. It was a repost of the fall turned into a GIF that originally appeared on our KIIS account.


Prior to the rose ceremony, Rachael was shown expressing that she felt confident her old flame Richie would choose her to accept his rose.

“I’d be very shocked if I went home. I’m confident I’ll get Richie’s rose,” she remarked.

Clearly the reality star didn’t realise her ex-flame had eyes for someone else in paradise!

It’s not clear yet whether Rachael receives a rose from one of the other as the episode finished on fellow contestant Cat storming out of the rose ceremony.

We reckon there’s some drama headed this way with quite a few of the gals seeming to be interested in Richie at this point!

Bachelor In Paradise continues tonight 7:30PM on Channel 10.

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