They appeared to be the perfect couple, but Bachelor In Paradise’s Alex Bordyukov and Caroline Lunny have split up since filming wrapped in December.

The news broke just hours after the American couple left Paradise to pursue their relationship in the ‘real world’. 

“It wasn’t anything major, it’s not really like one thing that makes you fall for someone or not fall for them, it’s a compilation of a myriad of little things,” he told 10Daily, after revealing they had “dated for a few months” but in the end “it just didn’t really happen” for them.

However, he reiterates how much of a “fantastic experience” he had on the show, and the chance to get to know Caroline better. 

Prior to Caroline’s arrival in Paradise, Alex (known as ‘US/American Alex’) had a fleeting romance with Brooke Blurton who chose to leave the show after becoming too overwhelmed by the experience.


“I wasn’t crazy, our relationship was strong — it was a very poignant moment when she left and of course I fought for her, although we didn’t hear or see it!” he told the publication.

“I don’t wanna blame the edit, because you have to take that, but I did feel like ‘was the spark only there for me?’ so it was definitely a spark in that we have so much respect for each other. We cleared it all up and she’s in a relationship now, super happy, I have respect for them and they’re super in love which is great.”

However, his interest soon shifted once Caroline entered the show.

“Nothing but positive things came out of it – I have nothing but love and respect for the woman she is,” he shared of Caroline. 

We don’t know about you, but we’re devastated!

RIP ‘Carolex’