A hilarious Avalon-based parody of gritty drama Redfern Now is going viral, poking fun at the exclusive suburb’s love of kale, resort wear and high-end French baked goods.

More than 5900 people have watched Avalon Now in 24 hours and filmmakers and neighbours Bruce Walters and Felix Williamson say there was plenty of lampoonable material in their own lives.

 “It all started when Bruce was sitting on the deck enjoying a barbecue with a chilled pinot grigio,” Mr Williamson said.

“He was talking about how it’s so hard to get French champagne by the crate when he realised — the stuff that comes out of our mouths.”

As Mr Walters adds: “Basically it came out of a disgust for ourselves.”

The film tackles the big decisions ‘Av Cats’ have to make on a daily basis including whether to go on a skiing holiday in Japan or France; pairing barramundi with pinot grigio or pinot gris; or the age-old question — Palm Beach or Whale Beach for a swim?

Throughout the three-minute film, every character wears blue and white stripes. Mr Williamson said it wasn’t hard to coordinate.


 “It’s the middle-class uniform — a semi on holidays look,” Mr Williamson said.

 “We were explaining to one friend who’s in the film that stripes would be a bit of a running gag and we asked him whether he owned a blue and white stripe shirt. He answered: ‘I’ve actually got six”,” Mr Williamson said.

The film was originally made for the Creative Creatures Film Festival and Mr Williamson said it could be the start of a series.

 “Already people are asking us which suburb is next so who knows, it might be Palm Beach Now next,” Mr Williamson said.

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