Natascha Kampusch made international headlines in 2006 after escaping from the Austrian house where she had been held captive and repeatedly raped for more than eight years.

Natascha was kidnapped by Wolfgang Priklopil while on her way to school when she was just 10 years old; she was kept prisoner by the then-34-year-old in a purpose-built cellar at his Vienna home, where he used her as a sex slave, until her eventual bid for freedom.

The day that she fled – Natascha seized her chance when her Priklopil had momentarily turned his back to answer a phone call – her captor allegedly threw himself under a train and was killed instantly.

Now, in a bizarre twist, it has been revealed that Natascha spends her weekends at the very house where she was imprisoned for so long, after an Austrian court awarded her the property as compensation.

The sinister disclosure is just one of many in the now 28-year-old’s new book, Ten Years of Freedom, where it becomes clear that her ordeal is far from over.


Psychiatrists have explained that in keeping both the house and car that belonged to the man who tortured her for so long, Natascha has been unable to move on; according to the Daily Mail, they’re concerned that she may have a mental block preventing her from dealing with the horrors of her past.

Natascha has also admitted to cutting herself off from people, quitting high school and all social media sites, and only going out when the weather is rainy or stormy in the hopes that passers-by will be too distracted to look at her.

August 23 marks the 10th anniversary of her escape.