The Rich Kids trend on Instagram took its’ time to reach Australia. First kicking off in wealthy cities like Singapore, Dubai and more, these 1 percenters have cultivated a following on Instagram as they post photos of themselves living your wildest dreams.

The latest wave of “Rich Kids of Instagram” to set the scene has been loaded with Australians. Bobby Isner, Brooke Warne and Francesca Packer-Barnham are just 3 of the Australian socialites making waves on Insta.

You might not know them all, but you certainly might have heard of some of their parents.

Brooke Warne is the daughter of Australian Cricket great Shane Warne, and her Insta features photos from race carnivals to the exotic coasts of Greece and Spain.

Francesca Packer-Barnham, niece of media mogul James Packer is another regular, featuring shots of her in designer fashion from backstage at Coachella to Ibiza and more.


And it’s not just the girls; Bobby Isner, the son of SAE Institute founder Tom Isner, has lived in more cities than you can count, brought his whole High School class on holidays for his Birthday (and was expelled for that same stunt!)

Not all of these Rich Kids are completely funded by their parents though; Sydney’s Mariam Rod has made a lot of her success through Instagram; so maybe there’s still hope for us too!

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