An Australian woman has married a bridge in Ceret, southern France.

Jodi Rose – who refers to the bridge as her “handsome, strong and sturdy husband” – married Le Pont du Diable after falling in love with the 14th century stone structure while travelling the country.

They became husband and wife during a ceremony attended by 14 guests and blessed by the mayor of neighbouring town, Saint-Jean-de-Fos. 

I was really quite nervous… I felt like a bride. I got to have my princess wedding day,” she told Sunday Night. 

Rose’s husband even has its own wedding ring – a custom-made version wedged on the structure. 

“I put a ring on it, baby… I mean you’ve seen him, he’s very handsome, he’s strong and sturdy and I thought, yes, this is someone I can really connect with, and who I feel can give me some grounding,” she said.

“He makes me feel connected to the earth and draws me to rest from my endless nomadic wanderings. He is fixed, stable, rooted to the ground, while I am nomadic, transient, ever on the road.


“He gives me a safe haven, brings me back to ground myself, and then lets me go again to follow my own path, without trying to keep me tied down or in thrall to his needs or desires. I am devoted to him.

“He understands that I love other bridges – and men – ours is a love that embraces the vagaries of life, as materialised in the swirling currents of the river that flows beneath his magnificent body.

While their marriage is not legally recognised in France or Australia, Jodi Rose believes their union is stronger than ever. 

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