Australia’s FAVOURITE same-sex penguin couple, Sphen and Magic are celebrating their THIRD anniversary!

These adoptive dads started their romance in 2018, and continue to show a strong and loyal bond.

Sphen & Magic made headlines as they successfully adopted and incubated an egg at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium in 2018, and a second time in late 2020.

Kiera Ponting, Penguin Keeper at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium commented, “It’s our fourth penguin breeding season at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium … we’re thrilled to see that Spehn and Magic are still together and still one of the most devoted couples in the colony.

“Magic still regularly collects the most perfect pebble that he can find for Sphen, displaying what a great hunter and partner he can be. They set a great example to the rest of the colony and we’ve noticed many of the newer penguin couples setting up their nests close to Sphen and Magic, which we think is them trying to learn from the best!”