Your supermarket trips are about to get a whole lot lazier. 

Woolies has introduced a ‘drive-thru’ style system where customers can order their groceries on the app and swing by and pick them up. 

You’ll get a notification when your goodies are ready and then you can alert the store when you’re on your way so they can prep everything four your arrival. 

The new service is available in Brunswick, Camberwell, Williamstown, and Greensborough in Melbourne and Warringah Mall in Sydney. 

They plan to expand it out to the rest of the country soon. 

Woolworths Head of Online Operations Lisia Roth said: ‘We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make shopping easier for our customers. 

‘Not only do customers want ultra-convenience and personalisation, they also want the experience to be painless and seamless. 


‘What this means is that customers, for example, can do their grocery shopping online on their way to work and it will be ready to be picked up by the time they are on their way home.’ 

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