Is the hot weather sending some Aussie motorists out of control when it comes to the amount of road rage on our streets lately?

We showed you about the bizarre encounter in Sydney where one disgruntled driver decided the best way to express her anger was to flash her breast to a startled motorist recently.   

And this latest incident beggars belief.

A female driver has filmed a man verbally abused through her car window.


The enraged man calls the woman a ‘sl*t’ and then shouts: ‘I’ll f*****g ram you off the f*****g road.

‘You don’t need to f*****g slam your brakes on when the green light says f*****g go.

‘You don’t need to sit at the f*****g intersection for ten seconds. Learn how to f*****g drive.’

The man then adds: ‘And get on a f*****g diet,’ before driving off.

What is happening people???


Let’s try and keep our calm when we’re behind the wheel can we please?

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