Saving can be a real challenge especially towards the end of the year, but one Aussie mum has found a clever way to collect some cash while having some fun along the way.

Becky Turiczi has shared in an online video how she plans to save $5,000 using a saving tin, stickers and a marker.

In the hack tutorial, she wrote numbers 1 to 100 on a sheet of paper which she then covered the tin with, sealing it into place with sticky tape.

Then, Turiczi grabs a $50 note and pops it in the tin, grabs the marker and uses a sticker to mark the number 50 off the list. By going through $1 to $100 as you go, you will eventually have saved $5,050. How easy is that?!!

“Here’s to saving,” she captioned the video along with several related hashtags.


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