An Australian woman has triggered a heated debate online after objecting that she wouldn’t be able to see her baby nephew because she refused to get her flu vaccination.

According to, The parents of the child (her brother and sister-in-law) notified family and friends that they would only allow those with up-to-date vaccinations to visit their newborn. 

“If you can’t or choose not to, that’s cool!” the note read.

“Little Miss will be waiting to meet you after her immunisations.

“Please don’t visit if you are sick.


In her post to a Facebook mother’s group, she wrote:


“I am becoming an aunt for the first time and my son is so eager to meet his new baby cousin.”

“Now we’re being told we can’t meet (her) until the six-week mark.”

“(The girlfriend) tends to be quite controlling over the decisions they make about the baby”.

“I was thinking of texting my brother to say: ‘We have chosen not to get the flu vaccines and that’s our choice but have had all the others. If you still don’t feel comfortable with us being around then we respect that’.” 

“My brother was welcome at the hospital when I had my son and held him and bonded with him,” she said.

“I feel like I should have the same experience. I’m absolutely gutted.”

Most of the 100-plus comments were supportive of the mother. 

“I completely support your sister-in-law and I think you need to be more understanding that she wants to protect her newborn, and more importantly: keep them alive,” one wrote.

It comes as Australian influenza hit the highest they’ve been in 20 years. 

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