Tech Giant Apple just had their annual World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). Highlights this year included the announcements of the new iOS 13, iPadOS, a re-designed Mac Pro and MacOS 10.15 ‘Catalina’. 

Every year Apple uses this event to announce their newest hardware and software. They also get some pretty big acts in to perform at the “Bash” concert towards the end of the conference. Just last year they had Panic! At The Disco perform.

There’s a bunch of really cool stuff they announced that you can read about further down, but first, I need to tell you about something INSANE.


Apple has just announced a new monitor, the Pro Display XDR, and it’s pricing is absolutely mental. This 6K (6016 by 3384 pixels) screen comes in at a minimum price of $4999USD. That means if you want this screen in Australia, you’ll be paying a minimum of around $7000. That’s the price of two fully specced out laptops, or 6 iPhones, or maybe even a second hand car, if you’re lucky.

Then, if you want a matte screen, Apple’s going to bill you another handy $1000USD ($1500AUD). That’s JUST to make your screen not glossy (though Apple claims their “Nano-Textured Glass” finish is the most image accurate matte finish ever.

To top it all off, in the most Apple way possible, the screen doesn’t even come with a stand, and if you want one, you can buy their $1500 aluminium pole to stick it on. As I said; insanity.

Sure, the stand for this monitor can tilt and swivel and all that fun stuff, but how could it possibly be worth $1000USD ($1500AUD)? Usually we’d pin this down to “because it has the Apple logo on it” but it doesn’t even look like it has that. Let’s not forget the screen is already $7000 at least, so this seems absolutely gouging.


Most people are putting the explanation down to the word “Pro”. The term “pro” has definitely become a bit overused in the tech world, as brands try to distinguish their slightly-more-powerful devices from cheaper versions, but Apple has shown recently that when they say “pro” they mean “professional”, properly. Even if the prices are absolutely ludicrous, it should mean that the people that do buy them can expect them to be reliable, and get the best customer support if something goes wrong. Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee took the time to break down a few more of the reasons that Apple might have made the price tag so ludicrous;

Basically, if you have to check if you can afford the new Mac Pro and Pro Display, it’s probably not for you. A bit like the private jet of computing, then, maybe?

Of course, there were a bunch of other cool things Apple announced at WWDC, and the good news is most of them are free updates coming to devices you already own, so you can save up for that screen!

Highlights include Dark Mode for iOS (FINALLY!), Memoji stickers, Portrait Lighting, and my personal favourite, a new Low Data Mode that might save you if you forget to switch WiFi on for your daily meme browsing. The other fantastic feature is the new “Sign in with Apple”, which is an alternative to Google and Facebook’s similar features, except Apple seems to be selling their version on security, with a bunch of options to keep your identity safe.


iOS 13 is going to include some cool features, like Dark Mode, a new keyboard, and a bunch of new Memoji options and features.

There’s also the new MacOS, which will bring some of those features, plus this crazy one called SideCar which finally means you can use your iOS devices as an external screen for your computer without third party tools.

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