Apple have announced the new features rolling out on the next version of iOS.

Here’s 5 we’re irrationally excited about.

Dark Mode

Probably one of the more anticipated changes, having a dark mode will make it far comfier on your eyes, especially in low-light conditions.


It will also include a range of security and privacy features, including a new “sign in with Apple” tool which will allow users to sign into websites and services using their Apple ID, rather than using a social media account and sharing personal information.

The feature will give users the option to hide their email address and instead provides a unique, random email address that forwards messages to you rather than giving your personal address to services.


Swipey keyboard

Android have had this forever, so it’s great that Apple have caught up. Similar to SwiftKey, Swype, or Gboard, Apple’s QuickPath brings easy one-hand typing to the iOS keyboard by continuously swiping through the letters of a word.

Unknown Numbers

Have no freakin’ idea who’s calling you and you end up just staring at your ringing phone? Same.

Well, iOS will send call spam straight to voicemail and silence unknown callers.


Find My

Apple have now merged Find My Phone and Find My Friends into a single app called ‘Find My’.

While you’ll still be able to find your mates through the app, the real value is being able to locate your lost device, right? The iOS update means you’ll be able to find your phone even when offline.

By sending a secure Bluetooth beacon to other Apple devices, it will relay the signal back to Apple, and then, ultimately, to you.

The full gamut of iOS changes can be found here

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