I think we all experience the glorious storm that rolled over NSW last night and oh boy, was it glorious.

Some saw torrential rain and lightening and others had the misfortune of flooding and giant hailstones.

You could hear the thunder rumbling deep in your bones, but did you know that over 10, 000 lighting strikes were recorded in Sydney alone!!

While Sydney-siders have some relief in store from the wet weather with a beautiful summer day coming this Saturday, coastal NSW has recorded 7 consecutive wet days.

Clouds are expected to clear on January 12th so we can finally enjoy our season.

This weather comes as a side effect of Cyclone Imogen that rampaged through Queensland on Sunday and the storms have leftover 1, 400 Sydney-siders with no power.

This rainy east coast summer is due to a known climate pattern, El Niño and La Niña which occur every 2-7 years and can last up to 12 months.


Strong equatorial winds blow from the east, cooling the Pacific Ocean and bringing with it a rainy, wet summer, so get used to it!


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