Painting a person’s portrait can be a revealing process, but what happens when you can’t recognises faces?

Anh Do faced that very problem when he painted Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’s portrait for his ABC TV show ‘Brush With Fame’.

“He was at the airport, this guy says hi, and he says hi back but just sort of pretends and after he leaves he goes to his wife, ‘who was that?’ and the wife goes ‘that’s our neighbour who we’ve been neighbours with for years’,” he told Jonesy and Amanda.

“It’s a serious medical condition. It took him ages to even recognise his wife, he told me on the show.”

Season 3 of ‘Brush With Fame’ also features Terri Irwin, peace campaigner Gill Hicks, and AFL legend Adam Goodes.

“I’ve been very lucky with guests being so generous,” he told Jonesy and Amanda.

Watch the video and hear how Jimmy Barnes reacted when Anh Do painted his portrait.

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