Ben Fordham and Amanda Keller have slammed keyboard warriors attacking Deb Knight for supposedly “neglecting her kids”.

Deb Knight – the host of The Today Show, Channel Nine newsreader, and occasional radio presenter – has found herself the target of online hate from people calling her a “neglectful mother” for allegedly working so much.

“It occurred to me that no one’s ever said this about me. There have been times when I’ve been working four jobs at once,” Ben Fordham said, highlighting the double standard when it comes to working parents.

“No one’s ever said to me ‘oh, you’re dodging your dad responsibilities because you’re working too hard.’

“I think it’s a clear and dodgy double standard.

“Deb is a spectacular mum, she’s a top journalist, and there’s no reason she can’t be both at exactly the same time.

“The trolls need to get a life and if they worked as hard as Deb they wouldn’t have as much time to be gutless keyboard warriors.”


Amanda Keller has joined Fordham in backing claims that there are dangerous levels of double standards in the media industry.

“This really touches on something that triggers a lot of women… me included,” Amanda revealed on Jonesy & Amanda this morning.

“I look busier than I am and I’m always at pains to tell people that.

“I get defensive when people say to me, ‘God, could you be any busier?’ or ‘When are you ever at home?’ because they’ve seen me on a show that was recorded in the middle of the day, two months ago.”


For those unfamiliar with our very own Amanda Keller – firstly, where the bloody hell have you been? And secondly, she is a passionate radio host, television presenter, writer and most importantly, mother. While she might appear on your television and radio waves regularly, that does not mean she is away from her family any longer than any other mother.

This is the same for Deb Knight!

“I always find myself saying, ‘I’m home for dinner every single night’… ‘I’m only busy in the workday, my kids don’t even see that I’m doing that and then I’m home’,” Amanda explained.

Amy Poehler expressed a similar sentiment in her book ‘Yes Please’, where she says that ‘onlookers’ don’t see the plans working mothers put in place to make sure everything at home is working smoothly. The second your family needs you, the rest of it falls away and you’re there.


“Women work very hard to make sure home life works, and people don’t see the work you do to make that work,” Amanda reiterated.

However, we are not all 100 per cent attuned to this notion yet, even Amanda!

In a recent interview with Nicole Kidman, Amanda referred to the Aussie actress as the “busiest woman in the world”.

“I said that to her and as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I thought, ‘I hate it when people talk to me like that’ and she felt the same.

“Nobody wants to be known as the busiest person!”

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