Electric shock games have always been the perfect party game (or trick in some cases) so it’s only natural that they’ve got a large online market backing them.

From ‘Shocktato’ to good ol’ electric shock lolly jars, there’s so many on offer that it makes complete sense why the team from The Living Room would use them during their ‘Hot or Not’ segment.

For those unfamiliar with this hugely popular part of the show, Barry, Miguel and Chris showcase a quirky product on offer that is just outlandishly bizarre. The audience then votes whether the product is ‘Hot’ or ‘Not’.

In celebration of the show’s 300th episode, Barry Du Bois joined Jonesy & Amanda to chat about the most memorable parts of the show, including their favourite Hot or Not segments over the past seven years.

For Amanda, her favourites all eerily consist of electric shocking techniques. Yes, you read that right – products that give you or somebody else an electric shock.

However, with Barry’s “half a kilo of titanium holding [his] head on”, this becomes quite problematic.

The Living Room’s 300th episode airs tonight on Channel 10 from 7:30pm.


Hear more about Amanda and Barry’s favourite ‘Hot or Not’ segments in the video above!

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