I’ve been waiting and waiting for the perfect rom-com.

Remember when they just popped up at the movies – How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, Sleepless In Seattle, My Best Friend’s Wedding: we really took it for granted.

But then suddenly, the lovey-dovey, super-cute rom-com disappeared.


Films nowadays just don’t cut it in the same way that Julia Roberts would: who can forget her riding the horse in Runaway Bride?!

Or what about Heath Ledger singing ‘I Love You Baby’ in 10 Things I Hate About You.  

But last night, I watched something that just delighted the hopeless romantic in me.


Netflix’s latest offering Always Be My Maybe is a rom-com that could give Notting Hill a run for it’s money.

Set around California, it follows a pair of childhood friends, Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim, who lose touch, then reconnect years later.

Sasha is a high-flying chef who’s dated some very attractive men: including Keanu Reeves (who is hilarious in the flick, btw).

However, Marcus still has feelings for her – so it’s safe to say, it will pull at the heartstrings and you’ll be asking ‘will they? Won’t they?’ throughout.

And I’m glad to report the internet is also as obsessed with Always Be My Maybe as I am.


So if you’re stuck for something to watch, jump on Netflix now and pop it on.

You won’t regret it. 

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