Alan, Alan, Alan.

Yes, last night we saw Allan leave the Big Brother house, and to be quite frank, we weren’t mad about it.

Allan has admitted to Daily Mail that he was sure the producers wouldn’t get rid of him so early in the show. 

So, understandably, he was in shock post-eviction and was waiting for the other shoe to drop, thinking it was a fake eviction!

“When Sonia said the vote, it was like I was frozen and didn’t know what was going on. I just thought it was a fake eviction,” Allan said.

How I was around the other housemates and how I was in the diary room was two completely different people,” he went on to say. 

Sounds true, but did you guys notice that weird ‘evil’ persona he put on in the diary room? 


“People were threatened with a capital T. I was a big threat from the get go. Every eviction they go for the strongest player…I was up against Kieran who is dodgy, and Angela, who is just on holiday, so of course get out the strongest player,” Allan told Daily Mail.

If you guys watched the episode, you’d have noticed the end where they film him leaving in the car. 

Allan looked directly into the camera and said: “This is absolute abuse. Allan coming out second after five days? That’s too short. I want to go back in and stir the pot some more.”

If Big Brother brings him back and we have to watch Allan speak in third-person ever again, we won’t be happy.

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