Does anyone else remember boy band Blue?

It seems that not too many others do, with unofficial lead singer Lee Ryan becoming the fourth and final member of the group to declare bankruptcy according to

Despite amassing almost $19.6m during Blue’s peak, Ryan has been forced to declare himself insolvent.

“Lee has tried to manage his financial commitments from over the years to the best of his abilities but ultimately concedes that bankruptcy is the best way forward in order for him to provide the best future for his children,” a spokesperson for the singer said.

The boy band broke up in 2005 after releasing three studio albums and selling more than 15 million records worldwide,  but reunited in 2009. They went on to perform on behalf of the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 and released two further studio albums to muted success.

Ryan’s bandmates Simon Webbe, Anthony Costa and Duncan James have all previously declared bankruptcy.

James blamed bad investments which lead to his financial ruin while Costa conceded he hadn’t planned for his future. “I wasn’t saving any of my money along the way,” he said at the time. “I thought Blue was going to last forever and any money I did have at the end of Blue, I wasn’t advised on how to save it but I don’t blame anyone for that.”

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