Paul McCartney  is just one of the stars Alice Cooper recruited for his forthcoming Hollywood Vampires album, and Cooper tells NME that even his fellow stars were in awe when the former Beatle sat down at the piano to work on a re-recording of “Come and Get It,” the song McCartney wrote for Badfinger.

But, says Alice, “He was just one of the guys. He was just one of the guys in the band. So now when I see him, I go, ‘Vampire.’ And he goes, ‘I’m a Vampire.'”

“If he wasn’t in his band, he would be in a pub somewhere playing with a bunch of guys. He just loves to play. And even though, you look back and go, ‘Jesus, the guy is a Beatle,.’” Cooper said. “ He wasn’t just a Beatle; he was THE Beatle… and wrote more songs than anybody and never has gone back on what he believes, what he does.”

The album is a star-studded tribute to the collective of fellow rock stars whom Cooper used to drink with known as the Hollywood Vampires, a group that included Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, and most famously McCartney’s Beatles mate John Lennon.  “John Lennon was one of our nightly guys; he was there every night,” Cooper tells NME.

In addition to McCartney, Cooper recruited Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and actor/musician Johnny Depp for the tribute to his late drinking buddies.

Hollywood Vampires are scheduled to perform at Rock in Rio this September.


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