Just in time for Christmas, Joe Perry has delivered some Christmas cheer with the release of a new video for “Run Run Rudolph.”
The video, which premiered on Billboard, features Perry solo on guitar, while an adorable little girl sets herself up with a sleeping bag by the tree waiting for Santa. Other children appear in the clip, writing letters, eating Santa’s cookies, and of course, jamming along with shiny new instruments.
The song is featured on the Aerosmith guitarist’s new four-song EP, Joe Perry’s Merry Christmas. The music was recorded in Los Angeles at Johnny Depp’s Studio 1480. Depp contributed rhythm guitar to the track, Perry told Billboard.
“He would stop by once in a while to see how the tracks were doing, and we’re both Chuck Berry fans and [the song] needed another rhythm guitar, so he put on a rhythm track over what I had already laid down,” Perry said. “And he’s a really good guitar player. People don’t know it, but he can hold his own, believe me. And if you listen on headphones you can really hear the two rhythm guitars together, just Chuck Berry-ing out.”


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