A Chinese soldier named Yin Yunfeng spent the last week of his annual holiday cooking a year’s worth of meals for his wife. 

Yin is stationed in Tibet and only gets to see his schoolteacher wife, Zhao Mai, once a year. 

One a recent visit home Yin was sad to hear that his wife was often too busy with work to cook herself dinner. 

The loving husband then decided to take matters into his own hands and cook his wife 12 months worth of dinners to keep her going while he’s away.

If that’s not true love then we don’t know what is. 

All up he made over 1,000 dumplings, 150 litres of his wife’s favourite noodle soup, and dozens of other meals all individually packaged, which he stashed in their freezer and the freezers of friends and family. 


Yin wrote a letter to his wife saying “You’re so focused on your work and have so much to read when you get home that I want to make life easier for you,” Metro reported. 

He also hid a number of sweet treats around their home which have been accompanied with love notes. He said he would reveal their locations in phone calls and letters to cheer her up when she may feel lonely. 

Zhao has revealed “I have to admit his food packages help keep me going and it’s great to know that he loves me. In some way every time I have my meal I know he is with me.”

Source: Metro

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