.Outside Hornibrook Bait and Tackle, a ‘no parking’ sign was tied to a pole by the parking spots of the Clontarf shop, ahead of KiteFest, to stop people from taking the store parking during the busy festival.

The sign read, “Unless you’re supporting this local business, please don’t park here!”  News.com.au reports.

The shop’s owner, Tony Lincoln took to a Facebook page to thank the local community.

“Hornibrook Bait and Tackle would like to extend our sincerest thanks to anyone on the page who happened to be a Kitefest attendee and saw this sign out the front of the shop and parked elsewhere. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.”

Lincoln continued, “To those who eventually took up all our customer carparks and parked us in all day, if you were one of the ones without small children with you, please know that I could not have been more sincere & that I meant every word I said during our conversations.”

Some locals were very unhappy about this sign, saying Lincoln had no right to prevent people from street parking.


Complaints such as “Just wondering how legal your signs were, as you clearly don’t own the street,” and “Okay but you don’t own the park so your sign is pointless” were targeted at the shop-owner.

Lincoln said he didn’t put up the sign, apparently the council did, he claims.

Some locals defended Lincoln, saying the sign’s purpose was purely to protect small businesses.

Rightly so!

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